CuriosiTEA – Monthly Tea Tasting Experience

No matter if you are a coffee drinker who is curious about tea, someone who only drinks tea when they’re sick or feeling under-the-weather, someone looking to add more healthful, yet tasty options into their daily routine, or simply an avid tea connoisseur that just can’t get enough ALL are welcome to attend Cuppa Culture’s newest series of monthly tea tasting events CuriosiTEA!

Grab a friend and spend some quality time together tasting teas on the First Saturday of the month inside Cuppa Culture’s TEApourium.
We will be tasting a different trio flight of teas, herbal blends, and tisanes each & every month, so mark your calendars to join us.
These classes will be an open-format style for casual discussion, Q&A’s, origin stories, history, cultural significance, brewing & storage tips, and so much more!

Seating will be limited to ensure the gatherings maintain an intimate atmosphere. This service is provided exclusively on Saturdays and BY RESERVATIONS ONLY. See website for more information. We look forward to sharing this amazing experience with you!