Community Forum: “Pockets of Resistance: Building Community through the Arts”

175 Rano St
Buffalo, NY 14207

June 1, 2024

Starting: 05:30 PM

(716) 833-4450


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Saturday, June 1, 2024, 5:30 pm

Community Forum “Pockets of Resistance: Building Community through the Arts, “at El Batey

El Batey will host a public forum and information session to discuss the Puerto Rican matriarchal leadership in traditional art to reclaim traditional practices and culture. There is a growing movement that is creating pockets of resistance and building communities through the arts and traditions, creating inclusive, less patriarchal, and incredibly dynamic spaces. Often these are black and brown women leading social change both in Puerto Rico and the mainland. The forum will be led by Maricruz Rivera Clemente and supported by El Batey Director and Founder Beatriz Flores.