Charles Dickens Presents: “A Christmas Carol”

Mike Randall’s production of Charles Dickens Presents: “A Christmas Carol” has been a huge success since its premiere in 2007. Giving performances across Western New York the last ten holiday seasons, audiences and critics agreed that it was great to have Mr. Dickens back in Western New York!
A lover of Buffalo history and presenter of one-person shows, when Mike Randall discovered that Charles Dickens performed in Buffalo in 1868, he decided to recreate Mr. Dickens’s presentation of his most well-known story “A Christmas Carol”.

The Buffalo News wrote: “Mike Randall a talented actor and magnetic stage presence….when Randall loses himself in one of those Dickensian bouts of rich description, he’s at the top of his game….Randall’s close adherence to historical documents relating to Dickens’ performance means that he presents us with the author stripped down to his essence. The man, his words and no more, Randall seems to be saying, are all that is required to enjoy “A Christmas Carol.” And he’s absolutely right.”