Buffalo by Bike History Tour

Think history is boring? Think again! The History Ride brings the city’s past to life through unforgettable stories, songs, humor, and local insight.

On this bike tour, we’ll learn about Buffalo’s heavy hitters & from wild Erie Canal stories to the Pan American Exposition. We’ll also learn about some of Buffalo’s lesser-known aspects including the city’s significance to the civil rights and labor movements.

Whether you’ve lived in Buffalo your whole life or you’re a first-time visitor, this bike tour is guaranteed to provide a new perspective and appreciation for the city.


  • Introduction to Buffalo history and how it has shaped the city we know today.

  • World-class architecture: the Guaranty Building, Electric Tower, and Richardson Complex.

  • Buffalo’s amazing (and bike-friendly) parks and the legacy of Joseph Ellicott and Frederick Olmsted.

  • Key sites of the Pan American Exposition and the assassination of President William McKinley.

  • Experience Buffalo by bike & the most fun and best way to see the city!