Elmwood Avenue Festival of the Arts



For a last city summer hurrah, reserve the last weekend in August for the Elmwood Avenue Festival of the Arts. Stages set up along a six-block stretch of Elmwood Avenue host a wide array of the region’s musicians, dancers and visual artists. The two days of arts also feature a kids’ area for the younger set to make felt hats, wood tops and other hand-crafted art surprise challenges. Come wander, listen, find a stage and take a seat.


Check the schedule at elmwoodartfest.org for indie rock, Americana, Appalachian folk, old-school jazz and African pop and dance: Performers pirouette, move with modern steps and spin in the air suspended from tethers.

Photo by Elmwood Village Festival of the Arts (Facebook)



The festival, founded by a team of friends and artists, comes together with an environmentally sustainable focus and a mission of sharing the work of the region’s artists.


“We just took what other events around the country do and tried to take the best of the best and put it together into one event,” said Joe DiPasquale, chairman and co-founder. “We hand paint our signs. Our schedules are drawn on chalkboards… It’s very grassroots oriented… Part of the reason is because we have so many great volunteers and they keep the spirit of giving back to community. That’s a big part of what we do.”


It draws an estimated 40,000 people a day and features about 60 performances on four stages, contributions from 40 arts and cultural groups, 170 artisan vendors, 20 food purveyors and 250 weekend volunteers.


When asked about the festival’s appeal, Performance Committee member Angela Hastings once put it this way: “I call it the festival of peace and love,” she said. “There’s like this buzz of happiness.”



The free two-day festival, Saturday and Sunday, August 27 and 28 in 2022, unfolds along six blocks of Elmwood, from West Ferry Street to Lafayette Avenue, which are closed to traffic for the weekend. This makes it easy to stroll, hang out and soak up a unique Buffalo summer finale.


For information, or to volunteer, go to elmwoodartfest.org.