Eat & Drink in Buffalo

“One of the Great Eating Cities”

Renowned food critic Michael Stern called Buffalo “one of the great eating cities.” The co-author of Eat Your Way Across the USA even declared that no city – “except maybe New Orleans” – has as many regional specialties as Buffalo. Numerous visits to Buffalo made Stern a Buffalo believer. Now it’s your turn to savor the wings at Bar Bill, tuck into a beef-on-weck sandwich at Schwabl’s, indulge in a charbroiled hot dog at Ted’s, sample the mini-donuts at the Swan Street Diner, relish the corned beef hash at Sophia’s, dig into a fish-fry at Wallenwein’s Hotel and discover “one of the greatest ice cream parlors anywhere” at Antoinette’s Sweets. Visit Buffalo and experience heartland road food at its finest!

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