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Mammoser's Tavern

Mammoser’s Tavern

Special Sauce Wings

Some 12 years after the Buffalo-style wing’s inception, Phyllis Mammoser decided to try her own variation at Mammoser’s Tavern in Hamburg. The result was a wing unlike anywhere else in town. Phyllis loved spicy food, so she devised a homemade sauce that was a marked departure from the Frank’s Red Hot-based sauces Buffalonians were used to. She created Mammoser’s Original Wing Sauce, which is sold by the bottle at the restaurant and in local supermarkets. The sauce, which lists four different varieties of pepper in its top 10 ingredients, provides a slow burn and an extra kick of spiciness.

Mammoser’s has a distinctive interior, with many of the original wooden features of the former 19th century stable still visible at the bar. Phyllis’ son Pete now runs the tavern, which has been in the Dimpfl family since 1948. Another noted distinction is that Mammoser’s uses no butter or margarine in its wing-making process, resulting in a drier wing that’s incredibly flavorful and juicy on the inside.