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Very, Very Hot Wings

The warning signs at Duff’s are everywhere – on the walls, the menus, the large white buckets served for discarded wings and even on apparel. “MEDIUM is HOT. MEDIUM HOT is VERY HOT. HOT is VERY, VERY HOT.” The adjusted flavor scale for Duff’s sauces even inspired a group of Saturday Night Live writers, who created an early 1990s sketch based on their Duff’s experience. You’ll appreciate SNL’s “Super Fire Hot Wings” online even more after dining at Duff’s.

Open since 1946, Duff’s added “Famous Wings” to its title after a glowing Buffalo News review in the 1980s. It has grown to include several area locations, including one President Obama visited in 2010. But the original Sheridan Drive location remains the star. Duff’s fries their wings once to seal in the juice, then again to make them crispy. It results in a wing high on the crispy, saucy and juicy spectrum.

Pro tip: Eat like a local and order a side of fries to dunk in your blue cheese and gravy.