Craft Cruisin’

Beer. Cheap beer, light beer, craft beer. No matter the kind, beer has never been more popular. The emergence of local breweries and craft beer artisans has started a trend in Buffalo (and around the country), introducing a plethora of new flavors to entice the palates of its customers.

Unique bars and beer gardens along with beer tastings and beer focused events and fundraisers have also added new experiences to the scene as well.

Craft Cruiser-8320

Consumer’s Craft Cruiser

Believe it or not, beer tourism is actually a thing now.
So in Buffalo (where we kind of like to drink), not only are we seeing microbreweries and gastropubs popping up all over town, we’re starting to creatively expand on the ways we can enjoy the barley and hops flavored suds. Ladies and gents, let me introduce you to the Consumer’s Craft Cruiser.

In layman’s terms, it’s a beer bike. But to those paying attention, it’s a tricked out, pedal-powered party on wheels and the newest addition to the beer, tourism and party scene. Picture this scenario. You’re looking for a good time in Buffalo and you also happen to like beer. So you arrange for fifteen of your favorite people to help you pedal around town, going from bar to bar, pub to pub, brewery to brewery.

Sounds like a nice little time huh? It gets better. This baby is armed with everything you could ask for: a kegerator and two, 66-liter beer coolers, a DJ quality sound system, USB ports to charge your phones (guaranteeing beer bike selfies), purse hooks for the ladies (or the guys, no judging here) and a pedal-assist in case everyone gets tuckered out and legs start moving slowly (but have fun keeping that secret from your companions).] And if all that isn’t enough to fire you up, maybe the best part of it all is the looks you’ll get from the folks you pass on the streets – all wishing they were on it. But they’re not. You are. And you rock. Just like Buffalo and this beer bike.