CNN Praises Buffalo as Inspired July 4th Getaway

Summer brings out the very best in Buffalo. When the sun is shining in the City of Light, the positive energy is palpable. And with new and exciting things to experience nearly every day throughout the season, Buffalo should be on your list of the best places to celebrate Independence Day, according to

Along with the likes of Big Sur, California, Chesapeake Bay, Maryland and Washington DC, Buffalo can be found on this new list, 7 Inspired Ideas for a 4th of July Vacation.

“As soon as summer hits, this city on the shores of Lake Erie in upstate New York comes alive. Happy to shed its winter coat in favor of blue skies and outdoor seating at many a restaurant and bar along Elmwood Avenue, just north of downtown, Buffalo soars in summer,” proclaims.

Venturing away from the Elmwood Village, visitors coming to town for the 4th will be delighted to find some of the world’s most iconic architecture around every corner, creatively adapted industrial sites along the Buffalo waterfront and beyond, tons of excellent spots to sit down for a bite to eat, and lots and lots of smiling faces. Whats more, many events like Independence Eve with the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra and 4th of July fireworks are set to amaze. Plus, the backdrop will be even more spectacular as a dozen tall ships sail into town for Port of Call: Buffalo, over the course of the Independence Day weekend.

For even more ideas for what to see and do in Buffalo this 4th of July, you can read the entire CNN article here: 7 Inspired Ideas for a 4th of July Vacation

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