Classic Buffalo Spotlight: Parkside Candy

Every day is sundae at Parkside Candy. parkside candy

Parkside’s candy-shop-meets-ice-cream-parlor at 3208 Main St. has been a Buffalo staple dating back to 1927.  Since that time they’ve been melting chocolate, dishing up ice cream and spinning sugar for their signature sponge candy for generations of sweet-toothed western New Yorkers. There are dozens of  confections at the candy counter, from lollipops to pecan clusters and chocolate covered popcorn.

Once you’re inside, it’s difficult to say which is more attention-getting, the antique and storied atmosphere of an old fashioned soda fountain or the aroma of sweet confections.  Navigate through mounds of chocolates and candies and you’ll soon find yourself standing in front of Parkside’s ice cream parlor counter where hand-dipped ice cream sodas, sundaes and banana splits take center stage. The hot fudge sundae, I’m told, is by far their best-selling dish and one of my favorites, so of course I had to have it.

While there isn’t a set rsundaeecipe (or at least not one they’re willing to share with a passerby like me), there certainly is a method for crafting a picturesque and delicious hot fudge sundae. Ice cream, hot fudge and whipped cream are all amazing in their own right. But layered together at Parkside, the result is sweet perfection.

My ice cream choice was classic vanilla bean, and I watched carefully as two heaping scoops were carefully pressed into a traditional sundae dish, creating a deliberate space between the ice cream and the glass. This “moat”, I later learned is strategically dug to hold two generous ladles of thick hot fudge, saving me from a dreaded overflow situation.

Artfully topped with whipped cream and a maraschino cherry, I was in heaven and it almost seemed shameful to destroy this masterpiece in a matter of sheer minutes.