Canadian Writer Discovers the New Buffalo Through Its Past

Buffalo is a veritable treasure chest of remarkable architecture, vibrant art, great food, and friendly faces, according to our northern neighbors. It’s long been said by some of our friends across the Canadian border that this city is a best kept secret.

One such visitor, Rick McGinnis of, recently made another trip to the City of Light in an attempt to jam as much activity as possible into a 24-hour period. In a post just published, he outlines his adventure and how his admiration for Buffalo’s old buildings led him to discover the city’s newest hotspots.

Louise Jones’ “Wildflowers for Buffalo” – Photo by Rick McGinnis

“I have developed a serious case of Buffalo envy. My visits to this American city just over the border have revealed an architectural wonderland, an urbanite’s playground, and a very friendly town undergoing a revival that’s turning into a renaissance,” McGinnis explains.

When visitors make their way through architectural landmarks like Buffalo City Hall, the Electric Tower, Buffalo History Museum, and Richardson Olmsted Campus as McGinnis did, they’re destined to move among Buffalo’s diverse collection of neighborhoods, discovering the newest restaurants, shops, breweries, and small businesses along the way. It’s just one way that an appreciation of the old helps to usher in the new in Buffalo.

To follow in Rick McGinnis’ footsteps, check out the full article here: Racing Against the Clock to Capture Buffalo’s Urban Revival.