Buzzing About Buffalo: The Top 6 Travel Stories of 2018

At long last, Buffalo is gaining the recognition it has long deserved in national and international travel media.

Buzz about the city’s restored architectural gems, resurgent waterfront, reinvigorated neighborhoods and influx of new hotels, restaurants, breweries and distilleries had been building long before now. But 2018 will be remembered as a watershed moment: the year when several of the top news and travel media outlets around the world simultaneously looked at our destination and determined Buffalo’s renaissance was worth covering – and encouraging readers to visit.

Below are some of the best stories about our destination written in the last year, and a takeaway quote from each explaining why Buffalo should be on your travel to-do list in the year to come.

Thrillist: “Why Buffalo (Yes, That Buffalo) Is America’s Most Underrated City to Spend a Weekend.” (1/19/2018)

“In a time when every American city starts to seem the same, when Dallas looks like Tampa looks like Charlotte looks like Phoenix, Buffalo feels solidly like Buffalo, New York … The people are real, the food is great, and they’ve repurposed beautiful relics without a hint of pretension. You will party harder, eat better, and make more new friends in a weekend, all for less money, than anywhere else in America.”

The New York Times: “From Refugees to a Reunion, Buffalo Lives Up to Its Welcoming Reputation.” (6/19/2018)

“I finally visited the revitalizing Rust Belt city that people call ‘The City of Good Neighbors’ and found a generosity that seems ingrained in its makeup. From a happy reunion with my basketball friends to a tour of a thriving bazaar populated by immigrant vendors, Buffalo went from a place I didn’t think about, ever, to somewhere I would consider moving.”

The New York Times: “36 Hours in Buffalo.” (6/28/2018)

“Buffalo, which had early booms from various industries, including railways, shipyards and steel manufacturing, is shedding its rusty roots and experiencing a bona fide renaissance. No longer merely the portal to nearby Niagara Falls, Buffalo is a modern and multifaceted city, more than ready for its moment.”

The Sunday Times of London: “Buffalo, New York: America’s Coolest Summer City.” (8/5/2018)

“If you want an All-American, easily accessible summer getaway – addictive junk food, worryingly friendly locals, blue-collar grit and millennial charm – Buffalo is your place. It’s California meets Coney Island.”

The Wall Street Journal: “Escape to Buffalo: A Skeptic’s Guide to a Great Weekend Getaway.” (9/6/2018)

“Only knuckleheads – and the obstinately unenlightened – write off Buffalo, N.Y., as nothing more than a winter icebox and the birthplace of a certain sports-bar delicacy.”

The Washington Post: “You’re Going Where? Buffalo.” (12/12/2018)

“The newly hot city in Upstate New York — full of sports enthusiasts, restaurateurs and makers — knows exactly what to do with itself in any kind of weather.”