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Delaware Park

At 350 acres, Delaware Park was the largest of the three original parks and was a landscape that Olmsted and Vaux called a “country park”.

Although today’s park still offers much in the way of original features, many others have yet to be restored. These include Spire Head House (an exotic gazebo designed by Vaux), a quarry garden, bridle paths, and pedestrian pathways.

Olmsted had predicted that Delaware Park was destined to take a “distinguished position among the parks of the world.” Known as many Buffalonians’ favorite Olmsted park, it is also nationally recognized

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  • Tennis Courts: 17
  • Softball Fields
  • Soccer Fields
  • Concessions
  • Locker Rooms
  • Restrooms


  • DESCRIPTION: One of Olmsted’s first of three parks in Buffalo, Delaware Park serves as the focal point of the Olmsted system and today contains many of Buffalo’s cultural institutions. Simply named “The Park by Olmsted”, this 350-acre setting serves as Buffalo’s “Central Park”. This is the centerpiece of the Buffalo, New York parks system and located in the North Buffalo neighborhood. It is divided into two areas: the 243-acre "Meadow Park" on the east and the 133-acre "Water Park", with what was originally a 43-acre lake ("Gala Water"), on the west.
  • SPACENOTES: 4 Basketball Courts, 3 Playgrounds