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Michael P.

Hertel Avenue is home to one of buffalo’s best home furnishings and design stores, room. Co-owner and principal designer Michael Poczkalski, aka Michael P., has gained national notoriety, being featured on HGTV and DIY shows. You’ll find the results of Michael P.’s interior design genius spread out across the country, from Buffalo homes to condos in Florida to rehabs in Austin.

You might think that Michael P. took a straight line to his incredible design business, but he arrived there via a six-year detour after receiving his Masters of Architecture degree from the University at Buffalo. He decided to enlist in the Navy and was a nuclear mechanic on ballistic missile submarines. After achieving military success, he returned to his hometown of Buffalo with a new zest for life and design. Michael P. then earned a fellowship to Harvard Graduate School of Design. It was there that he honed his innate sense of style and design and turned it into a widely respected interior design firm of Michael P. Design.

Creativity runs wild within the walls of room. It’s a playground for those hungry for high style in their home. Michael P. and his team of designers are constantly working up artistic window displays and merchandising the retail floor. Walking in is like entering a posh New York City furniture store, as they carry well-known and highly respected brands such as Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, American Leather and GUS Modern. You’ll assuredly fall in love with the luxury of leather, fine woods and stainless steel furniture offered, as well as the comfort of luxurious, color-storied home accessories. What’s more, room also offers the best-designed baby furniture and baby gifts in the area.

Take a seat on any sofa in the store, breath in your surroundings and relax. We have a feeling you’ll be inspired by Michael P. and his collection at room.