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Aurum Jewelers

Paul Michaels

There’s something about walking past Aurum Jewelers that makes you stop and smile. It offers that Breakfast at Tiffany’s-Holly Golightly scene that’s seared into every woman’s cinematic memory. You know the one where Hepburn, looking fabulous, peers into the gem-filled window after a night on the town. Sigh.

Aurum is the longest standing retail shop on Elmwood Avenue. With 50 years of experience, owner Paul Michaels has been serving discerning customers in this location for the past 32 years. He opened Aurum at a very special time in Elmwood’s history, when Buffalo local retail legends like L.L. Berger and the Lighting Fixture Company were avenue staples.

Now, that part of Elmwood is part of Buffalo’s rebirth. Michaels’ location on Elmwood offers him front row seats to the new Thin Man Brewery directly across the street. With a ton of action on this strip of Elmwood, from new restaurants to retail, the avenue’s 400-500 block keeps growing.

Despite the nearby changes, the level of customer service at Aurum hasn’t, and never will. It’s all about the customer’s needs and wants, offering the finer side of retail. Along with stunning custom designs, Aurum also carries European antiques and estate jewelry.

Michaels describes his designs as inspired by neo-classical architecture and nature. A love of symmetry shows in his creations. Each piece of jewelry has a story. One of my favorite pieces was a pair of earrings fashioned from vintage lingerie pins. It’s that kind of creative genius that lives here at Aurum. Whether you are looking for a unique ring for a loved one or that special piece of bling for yourself, Aurum will be with you for a lifetime.