Buffalo’s Best Late Night Eats

For years, Buffalo’s after dark food options have been pretty simple. Thankfully, the local restaurant resurgence has started to have a positive impact on the late night dining scene. Below is a mixture of new and classic eats for the next time you find yourself in the city after midnight and are looking for something to satisfy your hunger.

Toutant, 437 Ellicott Street, Open until 2am
Right now, the best place for late night eats is Toutant. Their late night menu is a combination of classics from their dinner menu and a couple bar specials. If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in Toutant after 11pm, grab some fried chicken strips with cayenne honey or popcorn crawfish. Don’t forget to check out whatever their ‘late night special’ is that week. Previous specials have included Southern Duck Ramen, a spin on a classic Ham and Cheese sandwich and an incredible Fried Bologna.

lloyd nachos

Tricked Out Nachos from Lloyd

Lloyd, multiple locations, Open until 3:30am
When food trucks started to hit the scene in 2010, Buffalo’s late night food game was immediately elevated. Lloyd Taco Trucks have found a fit in both Allentown and Elmwood Village for several years. They offer their full menu all night long and you don’t need to worry about bringing extra cash since they accept credit cards at all trucks. Not only can you eat delicious tacos at 3am, but you can feel good knowing that they source their food from ethically sound providers.

Founding Fathers, 75 Edward Street, Open until 4am
Even with all the cool new foodie spots popping up, there is something about Founding Fathers that I still love. Aside from the constant flow of free popcorn and nachos, their simple menu is available late into the night. The Black and Blue Burger is my favorite to order. A simple spiced burger with blue cheese on a sesame roll might not sound special, but whatever they do in that kitchen makes it a can’t perfect dish after a night of drinking in Allentown.

Allen St. Poutine Company, 242 Allen Street, Open until 4am
There are few things in this world that taste better at 2am after having several drinks than Poutine. Allen St Poutine Company has created a diehard following by not only offering an excellent version of poutine, but by offering several varieties late into the night. If you don’t feel like waiting around to get some late night eats, this is an excellent place to grab some food to go.

toutant ramen

Ramen from Toutant

Allen Burger Venture, 175 Allen Street, Open until 1am
One of the best places to grab a craft beer in the city is also home to a great but simple late night menu. There’s only three items; a simplified burger (Smash Burger), tater tots and french fries. After doing some bar hopping on Allen last week, I grabbed their grass fed burger with american cheese, onion and sweet hot pickles. It’s simple but delicious and pairs really well with a double IPA at 1am.

Midnight Mass, 367 Connecticut Street, Midnight
Once a month, The Black Sheep offers a one time only dinner at Midnight on Saturday with a guest Chef. It’s not a spur of the moment late night meal – you need to reserve your spot at least a few days a head of time. Each meal includes four to five fixed courses that usually can never be found again. Previous guest chefs have featured Chef Victor Parra Gonzalez (Jaguar at the Bistro), Chef Adam Goetz (CRAVing) and Chef Mike Andrzejewski (SeaBar). If you call yourself a foodie, you need to be there.