Girlfriend Getaways

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Buffalo Niagara
Girlfriend Getaways

They say you can tell a lot about a man from his shoes. As anyone who knows their Louboutins from their Life Strides will tell you, that goes double for women! So we’ve put together six different Girlfriend Getaway itineraries based on the footwear you find most fabulous. Choose your shoe and see what shopping, dining, staying and playing agenda best fits you!


Part of the fun of planning a getaway is choosing where you’ll stay. Whether it’s one of the chic properties amid the excitement downtown, or somewhere nestled in one of Buffalo’s many neighborhoods, you’ll find accommodations that are just right for you and your girlfriends!


If you’re looking for the scoop on what to see while you’re here, see what our local fashionista, Erin, and stylish gal from Ontario, Canada, Anne have to say.


girlfriend-square-fashionistaFeminine and flirty, you’re a first-class force of fashion. Our haute spots await you! girlfriend-square-renaissance-womanFashion may be your passion, but you love a trip that tickles every corner of your brain. girlfriend-square-comfortably-hipCreative and aesthetically inspired, you find all the coolest stuff. Or does it find you?
girlfriend-square-girl-next-doorPart casual cutie, part urban anthropologist, you like to see what really makes a city tick. girlfriend-square-active-explorerYou crave adventure, adrenaline and attire that is as fierce and flexible as you are. girlfriend-square-laid-back-lady-sandalYou prefer hassle-free plans that allow you to relax, look fabulous and enjoy the scenery.