Buffalo: Home to America’s Most Underappreciated Pizza

| Food & Drink

In a city renowned for wings, beef on weck and sponge candy, pizza is finally getting its due.

The Daily Beast has published an extensive narrative on Buffalo-style pizza, “Is America’s Pizza Capital Buffalo, New York?” Author Arthur Bovino, whose new book on Buffalo food, Buffalo Everything, comes out tomorrow, exhaustively researched the city’s food scene during visits here in 2017. The Daily Beast article on Buffalo pizza is an excerpt from his book.

What, exactly, is a “Buffalo-style” pizza? Bovino describes a classic slice in this city as “typically a cup-and-char pepperoni pizza, one with a slim, sometimes non-existent crust coastline with ingredients out to, and sometimes even over the edges, a thick, airy undercarriage with little to no structural integrity that’s topped by a sweet sauce and enough cheese to nearly always guarantee a cheese pull.”

“I’m going out on the line and putting a decade of pizza cred built by writing about and visiting hundreds of pizzerias in New York City and across America to say that Buffalo-style pizza is America’s most underappreciated regional style,” Bovino wrote. “There, I said it. I’m in love. Buffalo serves some awesome pizza.”

You can read the whole Daily Beast article here and pre-order Bovino’s book here. For more accolades on Buffalo’s pizza scene, check out Travel and Leisure’s ranking of the top pizza cities, and this USA TODAY write-up on Bocce Club Pizza.