Buffalo Buzz: The Top 10 Travel Stories of 2017

Word is spreading about Buffalo’s exciting transformation.

The opening of Hotel Henry and the Curtiss Hotel, the completion of the Darwin Martin House’s first floor restoration and the installation of grain silo rock climbing at RiverWorks took the city’s revitalization to a whole new level in 2017. And newspapers, magazines and websites across North America and Europe noticed. Over 130 articles about the city’s redeveloped waterfront, restored architecture and new restaurants, hotels and breweries appeared in publications like USA TODAY, the Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star and Lonely Planet.

Here are 10 of the best of those stories – and a takeaway quote from each article that describes our destination in the travel writer’s own words.

“Greetings from Buffalo” Photo by Simon Richmond / Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet: “Buffalo Rising: A Rust Belt Resurgence” (6/12/2017)

“New York State’s second-largest city is trading in its image of post-industrial collapse for one of creative revival as architectural gems – including impressive early career works by Frank Lloyd Wright – are restored and former industrial complexes and public buildings are turned into hotels, restaurants, breweries and art centers.”

Thrillist: Buffalo Named One of “15 Places to Take The Solo Trip of a Lifetime” (12/15/2017)

“The city itself is chock-full of culture, breweries, and reinvented relics from its manufacturing heyday. And all of that is fun to visit solo. But if you’re the type who wants to be embraced into the local nightlife, you’ll never find a better place. Even playing tourist at the birthplace of the Buffalo Wing at Anchor Bar, you’ll meet some people who insist you bar-hop with them through the student-and-artist-filled bars in Allentown until 3.″

USA TODAY – “Buffalo Builds on Architecture Tourism” (7/28/2017)

“Crazy about American architecture? This is where to see commercial, residential and institutional buildings by America’s most revered trio of architects – H.H. Richardson, Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright.”

Hotel Henry Urban Resort Conference Center

Curbed.com “How Buffalo Turned Architectural Heritage Into An Engine For Reinvention” (6/28/2017)

“Buffalo’s past has always been present; in many neighborhoods, it’s hard not to trip over a gorgeous old home or commercial building. But now, it’s seen as the future, a tool to help turn the city into an even-better place to live and a great place for architectural tourism.”

Travel + Leisure Reader Poll names Buffalo America’s Friendliest City (10/20/2017)

“One reader recommended that visitors (in Buffalo) ask for directions — not because they’re lost, but because a local might just escort them to wherever they’re going.”

Cleveland Scene: “48 Hours in Buffalo: The Clevelander’s Guide to Visiting Our Great Lakes Friend.” (5/3/2017)

“The city’s residents … are turning old buildings and forgotten neighborhoods into unexpected gems supporting a growing dining scene and a diverse array of entertainment options.”

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Graycliff Estate. Photo by Frugal Travel Guy

Frugal Travel Guy: “Buffalo Is Back! 10 Reasons to Visit This Fun, Foodie City This Summer” (5/13/2017)

“(Buffalo) offers visitors world-class architecture and art, an exciting craft brew industry, a lovely bustling waterfront and a restaurant scene that would make any foodie salivate. And did I mention that folks are fabulously friendly in this affordable metropolis?”

BlogTO: “17 Things to Do The Next Time You Visit Buffalo” (8/21/2017)

“Buffalo is having a moment. Once a city known for the decline of its industrial might and the exodus of its citizens to the suburbs, the talk these days is more likely to be about the newest hotel, brewery, or bar that’s just opened.

It’s a remarkable transformation to keep track of from afar because yearly visits reveal a resurgent spirit that’s increasingly palpable.”

Huffington Post – 10 Great Reasons to Travel to Buffalo, NY Now (8/4/2017)

“There are Architectural Tours of all kinds, and Buffalo continues to add fantastic restaurants and innovative public spaces from once-decaying factories and institutions.”

Photo of rockclimbing at Buffalo RiverWorks by Justin + Lauren

Justin Plus Lauren Travel Blog: “The Secret is Out: You Need to Travel to Buffalo” (10/3/2017)

“The city is undergoing a massive revitalization, with new businesses and community spaces opening at a quick pace. When Justin and I visited, we stayed in two brand new hotels and caught a sneak peak of a unique restaurant on the verge of opening. There’s such a buzz in the city as it continues to change by the moment.”