Buffalo Beyond Wings: Other Classic Foods Receive National Attention

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As a destination, Buffalo is famous for a slew of reasons – the history, the architecture, the sports, the art, the revitalization of the waterfront and, without a doubt, the food. Oh, the food! The good word about Buffalo’s food scene has been spreading like wildfire. And while there’s been something of a culinary renaissance in the past few years, it’s the tried and true classic dishes that seem to most resonate with visitors.

In a recently published article for Paste, writer Michele Sponagle takes a bite into 9 deliciously diverse Buffalo classics apart from the Buffalo wing.

Teds Hot Dogs.CREDIT.Rich Call

A charbroiled hot dog from Ted’s

“The world knows Buffalo, New York, primarily as the originator of spicy, buttery, crispy and delicious chicken wings. What it doesn’t know is that the city has other culinary legacies worth bragging about that are completely fowl-free. Likely, they played a part in it earning a spot on National Geographic’s 10 best food destinations in America,” Sponagle reports.

If you’re looking to blaze your own trail through the classic Buffalo food landscape, we’ve crafted food crawls for beef on weckpizzahot dogs and sponge candy. Ok, ok, there’s one for Buffalo wings, too.

You can read the full story for Paste here.