Before the Convention Center

While some may look at #TheNewBNCC as a piece of contemporary development, the Delaware Avenue site plan actually serves to benefit several architectural sites in a return to former glory.

Completed in 1923, the gorgeous Statler Towers once served Buffalo as a premiere hotel property. Now mostly vacant, minus a lower level ballroom, the Statler Towers would benefit from the completion of a new convention center on the Delaware site. Positioned directly across the street from the proposed location, the Statler Towers would likely see new interest, restoration and potentially serve as a host hotel when the new convention center is constructed.

Additionally, the construction of the new Buffalo Niagara Convention Center on the Delaware site would ultimately lead to the demolition of the former convention center. With that facility razed, a portion of Buffalo’s radial street plan would be partially restored in that the segment of Genesee St, between Franklin and Eagle would see reconnection, opening up the façade of the YMCA building to be adored as it once was.

Vintage photo of the YMCA Building in 1908 vintage aerial view of downtown Buffalo, NY Niagara Square in 1970