7 Ways You Can Help Buffalo’s Tourism Industry Right Now

I miss traveling. I miss exploring new cities, learning about what makes a city tick, eating my way through every neighborhood, chatting with locals and making memories with my family.

Considering something like 65% of Americans have had to cancel a trip during the pandemic, it’s a safe assumption you may miss it too.

The travel industry has been devastated by the pandemic. When most of you think of the travel industry names like Carnival Cruises, Marriott and Disney World probably come to mind. But it’s important to remember that this massive industry is actually made up of small, independent businesses too who are in our community and need our support right now.

Here’s a few ways you can help Buffalo’s tourism industry AND fuel your own wanderlust for trips to come, as inspired by a recent Instagram post from Travel Channel host, Samantha Brown.

1. Order travel books from Talking Leaves or another one of our locally-owned bookstores to begin your travel dreaming.

2. Find local artists and artisans to purchase “souvenirs”. Pick up a piece of pottery from Cone Five. Buy some handmade jewelry from Wild Things. Order a Buffalo-themed mask from Buffalo Seamery.

3. You know that Olmsted Park you go to for a run or a breath of fresh air in order to keep you sane lately? Donate to them.

4. Get take-out from your favorite restaurant. Your taste buds may lead the way to your next travel adventure. Try something exotic like Burmese from Lin, Ethiopian from the West Side Bazaar or some Indian-inspired BBQ from Southern Junction.

5. Plan a staycation at a local hotel. Spoil yourself with a king-size bed, pool, jacuzzi and best of all, ROOM SERVICE.

6. Visit a local attraction. Our attractions need us now more than ever, especially our culturals. Take a private tour at the Martin House. Spend the afternoon outdoors at the Buffalo Zoo. Rent a kayak at Canalside.

7. Hire a local Travel Advisor/Agent to help plan your return to traveling next year!

“The power of travel isn’t measured in how many miles you go. Travel can meet you wherever you are.” – Samantha Brown