5 Fun Foods to Try at the Erie County Fair

The summer is quickly flying by, but don’t go ordering your Halloween costumes or your pumpkin spice lattes just yet. Truthfully, the weather stays hot here well into September, and there are still some wonderful summer events to attend! There’s the Elmwood Avenue Festival of the Arts, the Wing Fest, and of course, the Erie County Fair (now until August 19th)!

The fair has been a long standing tradition in Buffalo for years, 179 years to be exact! There are markets, demos, cute animals, entertaining shows, and plenty of rides, but we know why everyone really goes to the fair – the crazy foods! Here are 5 of our favorites including some foods new to the fair this year, a healthy option, and something that’s just plain weird… but works.

1. Donut Grilled Cheese with Bacon from the The Big Cheese

The donut burger caused a lot of buzz when it came to the fair years ago, so it should come as no surprise to hear that the donut grilled cheese with bacon is doing the same! They cut a classic glazed Krispy Kreme donut in half, and seared the flat sides to get a sugary, caramelized crust. They then melt creamy American and cheddar cheese between the donuts and add in some smokey bacon for added flavor. It’s sweet and salty, making it the perfect combo for any craving.

2. Deep Fried Double Bubble Pink Bubble Gum from Crazy Fried Things

I have to say, I’ve tried some weird things for writing assignments and this might take the cake. The oil completely breaks down the gum, so you can actually just chew and swallow the deep fried gum nubs sprinkled with powdered sugar. It has that strong, double bubble flavor, while maintaining the consistency of gum… that starts to disintegrate eventually. Like backwards Razzles. It’s honestly one of the strangest things I’ve ever tasted. But it works!

3. Apple Quesadilla from Jacks Delicious Fries

The apple quesadilla is like a portable, handheld apple pie meets a Toaster Strudel drizzled with glaze.  The quesadilla is coated with butter before being deep fried.  They finish it off by topping the triangles with powdered sugar and sweet icing. For something that’s still sweet, but a little different than your typical fried dough, give it a try!

4. The Greek Salad with Falafel from Big Kahuna

If you’re looking for something super filling and on the healthier side, the falafel salad is loaded with nutritious ingredients like greens, fresh tomato, white onion, crunchy, spicy banana peppers and salty notes like kalamata olives and plenty of feta. There’s creamy tzatziki sauce to dunk the falafel in and Greek dressing to drizzle on top! This dish even got the Independent Health stamp of approval as a healthy fair option (all of which are listed here: Healthy Options at the Fair).

5. The Surf & Turf Pierogi from Babcia’s Pierogi

Babcia’s always takes their pierogis to the next level, creating new innovative flavors for locals to enjoy like beef on weck, buffalo wing, and stuffed banana pepper. This year they introduced the surf and turf option with a filling made from mushrooms, onions, and tender shaved beef. Once cooked, the pierogies are covered in a creamy basil parm sauce and topped with grilled garlic shrimp.