12 Majestic Ships You’ll See at Basil Port of Call: Buffalo

The tall ships are coming. Really, they’re on their way to Buffalo right now!

Just in time for Independence Day weekend, Basil Port of Call: Buffalo is a majestic gathering of historic tall ships on full display, right here in the Buffalo Harbor. Whether you know the difference between a brig and a barquentine, or just want to experience the sight of a fleet of historic ships sailing up the Buffalo River, you won’t want to miss Basil Port of Call: Buffalo and the Parade of Sail. Below, you’ll get a preview of the dozen ships you’ll see anchored in Buffalo this weekend.

On Thursday, July 4th, The Parade of Sail gets underway. Watch as 11 of these beautiful ships gather in Lake Erie, sails fully outstretched and cruise into Buffalo Harbor in unison. Throughout the weekend (until July 7th), visitors are encouraged to visit, board and even sail aboard these timeless works of marine craftsmanship. General admission is from 10am-5pm, July 5th to 7th. A full schedule of events is viewable here: Basil Port of Call: Buffalo Schedule

Please note that Passports are required for admissions to Basil Port of Call: Buffalo. For more information, visit portofcallbuffalo.org