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Sports Testimonials: Sports Testimonials
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Paul Bostaph

President, Town of Tonawanda Aquettes

"On July 3rd of this year we concluded the 2010 National Age-group Synchronized Swimming Championships. Thanks to you and your generous support we were able to host what has been touted as the “Best Nationals Event Ever.” Many coaches, officials, and parents commented and sent notes to us with accolades on the event, organization support and community."

Fredrick Smith

Executive Director, Empire State Games

"I want to thank you for all of your hard work and dedication in making the 2010 Empire State Games such a success. This was a transitional year for the games and the leadership and hands on direction provided by the Sports Commission were an enormous help every step of the way – and one of the big reasons why we came to Buffalo in the first place and why the 2010 Games were such a success." 

Jeffrey M. Bowyer

Director of Operations, National Wrestling Coaches Association

"As the Director of Operations of the NWCA during our event, I can say that our experience working with you made a challenging event very easy for us to manage. The hotels, local businesses, area restaurants, volunteer support and accessible airport made our event a tremendous success. We look forward to bringing future events to the area and a continued prosperous relationship…"

Ken Taylor

Associate Commissioner/ Men’s Basketball & Baseball, Metro Atlantic Athletic Association

"On behalf of the MAAC Staff thank you to everyone’s support, enthusiasm and dedication to making NCAA 1st & 2nd rounds in Buffalo a success. We worked to put on one great show and it is reflected in the post event comments made by many. We sold out the arena, we entertained and impressed thousands of visitors and our logistics were well thought out and executed with great precision both inside and outside the arena. It was a pleasure to work with each and every one of you on this great event." 

Eric Lopez

Director of Operations, ESPN Outdoors

"… My main point of contact in Buffalo well exceeded any expectations we may have had from a local host. He in essence became a part of the team, which is a level of service I have not seen from a host."

Maureen Vicena

Former United States Bowling Congress Youth Tournaments Manager

"They have been extremely receptive to our needs as well as have had some great ideas on how to show the athletes and parents ‘Buffalo.’ Without the dedication and knowledge from these individuals, we could not provide a ‘premier’ level for these championships as USBC strives to achieve."