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The prototypical Buffalo fish fry

Hayes Seafood House

Parker's Proper
Fish & Chips

Buffalo didn’t invent the fish fry, but we definitely incorporated it into our culinary identity. Many local bars and pubs will offer a fish fry year round, but during Lent you’ll find them in practically every restaurant in Western New York. Most of the time you will find fried haddock or cod with a side of fries, macaroni salad or potato salad. It seems everyone has their favorite place to get a fish fry and most of the time it’s at a place they’ve grown up eating at.

The following five restaurants are located throughout Western New York and all offer something a bit different, whether it’s a takeout restaurant with a giant selection of seafood, a restaurant that’s also a brewery or an unsuspecting deli in North Buffalo.

— Donnie Burtless (@ Buffalo Eats)